Thursday, February 1, 2007

screw tops

Yesterday The Washington Post posted an article on screw tops. In summary it says that people think screw tops are for cheap wine because only cheap wines have screw tops; expensive wines are going to have screw tops because less wine will go bad due to cork issues; it's hard to change peoples minds once they associate cheap with something.

Most of this is obvious. Personally, I like the whole process of removing a cork. I don't mind buying wines with screw tops. What I hate is bringing a wine with a screw top to a resturaunt and then paying a corkage fee. I paid $20 for you to twist off the cap? Down with corkage fees.

There's also a bit about an expensive NZ Merlot going "pop." I'm not sure what that's all about. Maybe I just haven't been drinking enough expensive NZ wines, but I generally associate corks going "pop" with bubbly wine.


Anonymous said...

Down with teh corkage, even if you have a physical cork to pull out.

I say that corkage is only fair if you bring something that the restaurant already has.

Screw tops are fine for anything up to $20. But I sure hope Grange never comes in a screw top - some things are all about tradition.

jeffdav said...

I agree; I hate paying a corkage fee. There might be a law involved. I have no problem paying up to $10 in corkage. However, $20 seems to be the norm here.

Anonymous said...

Corkage is a financial issue. Restaurants sell food AND wine. They charge you a corkage to account for lost sales. Could a fine restaurant keeps its doors open if everyone brought in their own food and didnt have to pay for it? Do you work for free????