Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2003 DeLoach Zinfandel

The 2003 DeLoach Zinfandel is an $18 wine that you feel just fine paying $36 for at a restaurant (as we did last night). Here is another wonderful, low-light, cell phone photo:

The wine was good value California Zinfandel. It was spicy with hints of the sort of fruit you get with red Zin, berries and grapes, and a little nutty but not blatantly so. After having the main course, which was a butternut squash lasagna with nut paste and assorted vegan ingredients, the wine became much more subdued, almost falling flat in the finish. Wine pairing is an art that still eludes me.

I have not done a lot of exploring of the Russian River Valley, but I keep finding great tasting wines coming from that region, and I think it is deserving of further investigation. My previous try was a white wine.

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