Monday, June 9, 2008

2005 Marquis Phillips Shiraz 9

I picked this up from Seattle Wine Co for about $35. Robert Parker gave it 96-98pts, and you just do not find those wines for that price these days. So I snatched some up. I am glad I did.

It was a real deep, rich, shiraz. Lots of blackberry and some toasty oakiness up front. Overall a great wine that I really enjoyed drinking over the course of three days. It held up well in the fridge even, with just the cork pushed back in.


Claire said...

I love Marquis Phillips wines. We've tasted a lot of them & we haven't found one yet that we don't like. I haven't had this particular one, but one of our favorite bargains is Sarah's Blend. Holly's Blend is also good for warmer weather.

jeffdav said...

If you like the Marquis Phillips wines, you should check out Molly Dooker. This is Sarah and Sparky Marquis' new winery. They are a bunch of fun, well-made wines that will be equally impressive.

Click here!

Claire said...

I recently had Molly Dooker at a friend's house! It's very difficult to get here, but I plan on trying!