Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2000 DeLille Chaleur Estate

Not to be outdone by his brother-in-law, Sara's uncle brought a bottle of the 2000 DeLille Chaleur Estate to help celebrate Sara's mother's birthday. The winery that Parker so famously dubbed "the Lafite-Rothschild of Washington," DeLille has never let me down and this was no exception. For a Bordeaux-style blend of Cab, Merlot and Cab Franc, the wine comes out very dark in the glass (which I like). Fruit-forward and a good finish. Definitely a wine that deserves to be drank with food. I can't say enough good stuff about Delille.

My first experience with Delille was St. Valentine's day last year. Sara and I had a bottle of the 1999 Delille Doyenne Syrah with dinner. This turned out to be the perfect wine to drink with Ragu of Wild Boar. My next experience was the D2, simply because it is affordable and it lived up to the expectations the Doyenne set.

You know, when I pay off my student loans, I may just join their wine club.


Tony said...

I'm in their wine club. I'll let you know when the next order comes up.

SeattleWineBlog said...

I agree totally. DeLille makes exceptional wine and hardly ever disappoints. You should get on their mailing list now before they close it. You can always just buy a bottle of D2 for thirty bucks until you pay off your student loans. Besides, their release parties are great fun - a chance to taste many of the new releases and the food is great,too. I really like your blog. Gene - Seatle Wine Blog