Wednesday, October 10, 2007

on corn

Sara is reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. I haven't read it, but she's been telling me some of the things it says about corn. Which is what lead to this little exercise:

Last night we went to Safeway to get some sort of dessert and went about reading all the ingredients lists to find something that didn't have corn products in it. Almost everything in the candy aisle, the cookie aisle and the baked-goods area contain corn syrup. The only exceptions were some imported chocolates and cookies from Europe, and a single type of Mocha-Hot Chocolate powder.

But even if you manage to find something without corn syrup, it's next to impossible to find something that doesn't have any corn related product: corn starch, corn flour... even xanthan gum is derived from corn.

Preview: I'll be posting about two amazing ports this week. Stay tuned.


Ben said...

Oooohh Port. Looking forward to that.

maxst said...

Welcome to the wide world of influence that the American Farm Bill has on what we eat. I'm surprised there isn't more media attention on the huge impacts it has on the american diet, trade relations, the economy, etc...

jeffdav said...

Ben: Yeah, you already posted about them. But my posts will be better stories.

Maxst: Yeah, it's pretty crazy. The more I look into it, the nuttier it is. I'm going to go buy a tin-foil hat.