Monday, December 25, 2006

1998 Chateau Beychevelle - St. Julien

I'm making it a Christmas tradition--Bordeaux. I have two favorites: Cheateau Beychevelle and Chateau Moulin-St. Georges.

I have now had both the 1998 and 2000 version of the Beychevelle. Both Bordeaux-blends (of course), the 1998 was almost as good as the 2000. At the time, the 2000 was the rock star year for Bordeaux, but as global warming continues, the vintages just keep getting better and better. This wine, still tasted like it could sit in the bottle for at least another ten years, but at 9 years old, the '98 was definitely drinkable.

Both of these wines are less than $40--I picked up the '98 Beychevelle at an undisclosed location in St. Louis in June for $35.

An excellent wine.

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