Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2003 Domaine Sorrin-Coquard Cesar Cuvee Antique

Friday was beautiful two weeks ago in Seattle. After raining all week the sun finally came out. I left work early, went home and mowed the grass. It put me in a good mood, the weather and the work. And since I took my glasses off to do it the world had that surreal strangeness it gets after your eyes have gotten used to wearing glasses and then you take them off. The sun was setting so everything was yellow sunset-colored. This demanded the perfect wine.

So I dug into the collection and found this, the 2003 Domaine Sorrin-Coquard Cesar Cuvee Antique. This is a unique wine. The Cesar variatel is an ancient one, grown in northeastern France since the time of the Romans. It has largely taken a back seat to Pinot Noir in Burgundy. But 2003 was very warm and Pinot didn't do so well, but the Cesar became a rock star.

From what I understand, this wine is meant to be 100% Cesar, but the title "Cuvee Antique" would imply a blend, so I assume it is mostly Cesar with some of the other Antique variatels used in lesser amounts. It is from 60 year old vines, only 100 cases made. I picked up four at the ridiculously low price of $18.

I had never (knowingly) had a wine with Cesar in it, much less a wine primarily composed of Cesar. It turned out to be a great sunny Friday afternoon wine. The wine was lighter in color, like a good Pinot, but the taste was astringent and chewy. The wine was smooth. Not just smooth, but smoooooooth. I'm not sure what to compare it to. This is what I should have taken to Aaron's blind tasting.

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