Thursday, March 8, 2007

happy hour: ruth's chris

Downtown Bellevue offers quite a triad of happy hours. Daniel's Broiler, Sea Star and Ruth's Chris each have great happy hours with very high food quality to price ratios. This week I hit Ruth's Chris.

The happy hour is from 9pm to closing. To eat I had a cheeseburger ($3) which was the best damn $3 burger you are likely to find in Seattle, not overcooked (medium) and made with good meat, lettuce, tomato and onion (hold the mayo). To drink I had the red wine special, which was The Little Penguin Cabernet Savignon ($3). The Little Penguin is a discount wine from Australia that nestles into the same class as the low end Rosemount and Penfold's wines. It was drinkable, if a little rough around the edges. It goes oddly well with the cheeseburger though.

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