Saturday, March 17, 2007

complaints and missing posts

I had typed a long post, but I clicked "Publish" without filling out the captcha. This lead to an error and the loss of the entire text.

I really wanted to send someone an e-mail about being able to at least save without using the captcha, but I couldn't find a single support e-mail alias for Blogger. Then I decided to post to a group, but that turned out to be more complex than just clicking the group and clicking post. I had to join things, or subscribe to things.

So I'm going to complain here, for all the good it will do. You out there reading this Blogger admin-developer types? Please do something about it. Forgetting to enter the captcha text should not lead to loss of post text.

Your captcha is pretty bad. I've had to cut and paste this entry several times after typing the captcha exactally as it is and still being denied the ability to post.

The audio version of the captcha fails to play as well.


Anonymous said...

Organice wine, I recently tried Jean Bousquet, JB Malbec 2005 from Argentina and found a fly, I was not happy and complained to the company. They said it was my fault, I might have agreed if I was drinking the wine outdoors but I was indoors with the doors and windows closed.
The above web page is what the wine looks like. I do not recommend it and will never buy anywines from that company.

Anonymous said...

VERDOT Wines dba 5 Mile Bridge wines of San Luis Obispo, CA are the worst and crappy wine ever tasted. When you order or P/U some of there wines you get cheap wines that taste horrible and then do NOT refund you a penny.

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Anonymous said...

please remove the negative posts about 5 Mile Bridge Wine. An individual is inappropriatly using your site to settle a personal vendetta.


Anonymous said...

No 5 Mile is NOT wonderful or affordable, yet if it was so wonderful why is Ron Hertel Robert Fowler owners selling it out fast ?

They are trying to get rid of it, to Vance Rose to avoid IRS Seizure and the mere fact they owe over $21 Million dollar in defaulted loans and are facing massive Liens and Civil Final Judgments. I note they have been cited for criminal neglect in Patterson, CA at Diablo Grande as reported in the Modesto Bee. The wine is poor.