Friday, April 27, 2007

2004 Wilson Gunn Shiraz

After we sucked every drop of the Ridge Essence from the bottle, we repaired to the wine room to select another. After much debate (and much eyeing of Raph's wine that he still has not managed to get shipped to Chicago) we emerged with the 2004 Wilson Gunn Shiraz, direct to me from McLaren Vale via Garagiste. It cost $17. Tanzer said it had aroma's of fruit, rhubarb and mineral with a "suave floral topnote." I say it smelled like a farm in the fall. That's probably not right either, but it was very distinctive. The taste was less distinctive, but very good. It was smooth, slightly fruity and thick. The wine was very dark, like most Austalians of this variatel. It was a pleasure to drink and hard to beat at that price. I think it even beats Penfold's Bin 128.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I wanted to find out where you picked up the Wilson Gunn from in Mclaren Vale- I'm trying to source this wine in Australia, and am having a terrible time trying to track it down. I'm now sure who 'Garagiste' is in the blog.

So far I can only find it in US and UK!

Many thanks