Wednesday, April 11, 2007

how to study wine

According to the New York Times if you want to learn about wine the best way to do it is to do it at home. There suggestions are quite useful:
  • Find a good wine shop and a salesman you trust.
  • Find another wine shop.
  • Buy a mixed case from both.
  • Drink it with food.
  • Take notes. Like, start a wine blog, perhaps? :)
  • Buy more of what you like.

Seems pretty good to me. I think I'll be taking a class though.

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Anonymous said...

Ben here

These sound like more sensible tips than I have heard from other places.

I got into wine by having my first good bottle (Bin 389 as a gift from a friend). I have no idea if my friend knew it was a classic wine or not, but it made me want to try more.

Buying 24 bottles from two shops and tasting them until you find something you like is one way of finding that first bottle. But surely a good wine shop could recommend a $20 bottle of wine that could change your opinion of wine forever.