Tuesday, April 3, 2007

2005 Le Quatre Filles Cote du Rhone Villages Rochegude

Another Garagiste acquisition. This wine cost $12. I bought three or four based solely on the description which I will quote here: "This is a gritty, tannic, deep and true old-style Rhone wine with an unprecedented balance and charm from the 2005 vintage." How could you pass on that?

We uncorked the wine and let it warm up to room temperature. Once it had been unleashed it was like a bad house guest. It was like someone had kicked dirt in my face. It is dark and earthy. It was a great wine, and one I would go back for even if the price doubled. But this is no casual drinker. This is the sort of wine you need to drink with food. Or a wine you need to drink after drinking some other bottle of wine. Maybe it will settle down with age--it should age well for a while given its current feistiness.

I love it when French wines come through.


Anonymous said...

If I kicked dirt in your face, would you feel that I'd really come through for you? 'Cause I'm always here for you, man.

jeffdav said...

Only if you are a bottle of wine.