Tuesday, May 6, 2008

penfold's releases luxury wines

Good news everyone! The new round of current releases from Penfold's high-end are available as of May 1st.

I do not think I can afford to continue to build my vertical of Grange. Instead, I'm going to sink all that cash into Bin 707, which I rather enjoy drinking. Probably more so than the Grange vintages I have tasted.


Matt Schuette said...

Any experience with the wine.woot Penfolds offering this week?

jeffdav said...

the bin 28 is good. The price isn't great but its not bad either. If you want a wine with a few years on it, great. My question is where has it been stored? Also its a drink now wi e, probably not worth aging anymore. Also go read the tasting notes at penfolds website.

Sorry for the typos. Posting from my phone on an airplane.

aliah said...

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